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About Us

Yoga and Meditation Instructor, restoring and revitalizing the mind body and spirit through custom yoga classes. My classes welcome students of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds, emphasizing the benefits of yoga even with minimal flexibility or experience. Taking the stigma out of traditional yoga classes and bringing in individuals of all levels; providing a comfortable, judgement free place for practice. 

Hatha is a Sanskrit word for power with the syllable "Ha" relating to the sun and "Tha" relating to the moon. This word promotes finding balance within this chaotic world and using your own personal power and development to achieve that. As I am on my own personal journey, I wanted a mission that represented the balance within oneself. I want HathaJules to represent not only my life journey but I also want the sun and moon symbol to connect like-minded individuals that too, are on their own paths. I want more people to live by the essence of the sun and love by that of the moon.