Yoga and Meditation Instructor, restoring and revitalizing the mind body and spirit through custom yoga classes. My classes welcome students of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds, emphasizing the benefits of yoga even with minimal flexibility or experience. Taking the stigma out of traditional yoga classes and bringing in individuals of all levels; providing a comfortable, judgement free place for practice. 

Hatha is a Sanskrit word for power with the syllable "Ha" relating to the sun and "Tha" relating to the moon. This word promotes finding balance within this chaotic world and using your own personal power and development to achieve that. As I am on my own personal journey, I wanted a mission that represented the balance within oneself. I want HathaJules to represent not only my life journey but I also want the sun and moon symbol to connect like-minded individuals that too, are on their own paths. I want more people to live by the essence of the sun and love by that of the moon.


About Me


My name is Julia Zimmerman, also known as HathaJules!


I began my teaching career in 2010, teaching Dance and Gymnastics for kids, when I took my first yoga class at our local YMCA that same year.


Yoga became a part of my regular schedule since that class, going every Tuesday and Thursday throughout my high school career. My uncle, a retired firefighter, with severe lower back pain from the job, took a restorative class and recommended I join... and I am so glad I did.


Not only did I transform, physically and spiritually, but I watched my uncles pain nearly disappear. After countless surgeries, injections, medicines, and machines, the only thing that was able to cure my uncles back pain, was his yoga practice. Our yoga teacher created a class making everyone feel comfortable. Young, old, inflexible, double jointed, athletes and CEOs, whoever it was, they were welcome and encouraged to practice, with guidance along the way. I absolutely loved this way of teaching and this side of yoga. Once I went to college, I took a variety of different classes with countless different teachers, led meditation sessions within classes and the organizations I was involved in, and taught a few classes for sustainability brand events. 


After college I spent my time traveling the country, living in 5 different states, with the only constant in my life being my yoga practice. I suffer from severe anxiety, which was previously misdiagnosed, and taking a drug daily to manage it, was just not my style. My yoga practice is my personal way of releasing all the negative energy I may feel within, and resetting my mind and body to clear the space for proper functioning. I want to encourage everyone, even those who are intimidated, to get out and try yoga. I want my students to cleanse their minds, get moving, and become surprised at the way yoga can heal.


In my free time I like to be behind and in front of the camera, sell real estate, race cars, ride dirt bikes and live life to the fullest with my pack of Australian Cattle Dogs.